The main focus of our toddler program is to provide an away from home environment that builds independence, a positive self-image, social development, self-expression and self-control.

Our students will have the opportunity to improve on:

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills through activities including small puzzles, stacking toys, blocks, and snapping and take-apart toys. 

Small-Muscle Development

Small-muscle development through activities that utilize the use of large crayons, markers, large paint brushes, paper, play dough, transportation vehicles and toy people and animals. 

Large-Muscle Development

Large-muscle development through activities that include the use of low climbing equipment, small slides, balls, toys for pushing or pulling, and rhythm instruments. 

Language Development

Language development by engaging in activities such as puppet play, picture books and pictures of familiar things. 

Social Development

Social development in playing with housekeeping equipment, dolls, lacing, snapping or buttoning items, and dress-up clothes. 


Self-help skills such as hand washing, toileting, and eating. 

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