The main focus of our Pre-K program is to fortify already developing kindergarten readiness skills. We concentrate in assisting each student to develop positive self-esteem, independence, pre-reading and pre-math skills.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills through activities including puzzles, blocks, stringing beads and board games.

Small-Muscle Development

Small-muscle development through activities that utilize the use of crayons,. markers, paint brushes, chalk, play dough, scissors, glue, music and rhythm instruments.

Large-Muscle Development

Large-muscle development through activities that include the use of climbing equipment, slides, balls, hanging bars, tricycles and push toys.

Language Development

Language development by engaging in activities such as writing, reading, story and circle time, and show and tell.

Social Development

Social development in practicing how to play with others, participating in classroom activities, showing respect and demonstrating self-control.

Self-help Skills

Self-help skills such as hand washing, returning toys to their designated areas, toileting, and eating independently.

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