The main goal of our infant class is to create a home away from home. We want to create an inviting environment where your baby will feel loved and secure. 

In order to provide your baby with love and security he/she needs we will ensure that: 

Individual Attention

The same came caregivers will care for your baby day in and day out to make sure that the bonds that are built are strong and enduring. Your baby will receive the individual attention he/she desires through playing, singing, talking, holding and cuddling. Your baby will be comforted when he/she is upset. Prompt attention will be given to your baby when he/she needs to be changed or is hungry.  Your baby will be consistently communicated with. Our loving caregivers will talk to them when they are eating, being changed, held, singing, and playing.

Safe Environment

The classroom will be safe, fee from any harmful equipment or objects. Your baby will have his/her own individual crib and cubby. 

Nutritious Meals

We will provide your baby with nutritious, USDA approved Infant Formula, Cereal, and Fruits and Vegetables at no additional charge (included in the price of tuition).  


Explore outside his/her crib to crawl, walk, play, and enjoy tummy time. Reach, grasp, and pull themselves up in a safe, uncluttered area. 

Auditory Stimulation

Auditory stimulation through activities that include talking, singing, music, and sounding toys. 

Sensory Stimulation

Sensory stimulation by playing with and handling fabrics, rattles, shaking, squeezing, and cloth toys.

Large-Muscle Development

Large-muscle development by using supportive pillows to learn to sit up, entertainers to learn how to stand, light-weight balls of varying sizes and floor time. 

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