What to Pack for your infant

We can’t wait to start our journey together

We are excited your baby is going to start their journey at Just Kids! Here is a list of things to pack for your child. 

Please Label ALL items with your Child's Name


We request that you please bring diapers in bulk at the beginning of each week. It is better to have too many than not enough, so we suggest 8-10 per day. It is also helpful to label the diapers with your child's first name.


Please send a full container initially and check every few days to see when you'll need to pack a refill package.


If your child loves their pacifier, you may want to pack extras. They are easily misplaced, and you wouldn't want your child to go without one. Please label each pacifier with a non-toxic marker.

Diaper Rash Cream

If you are providing rash cream for your child, you must fill out a medication form and store the labeled cream in a sealable bag. All medications must be taken home each day and returned as needed. Ointment must be accompanied with a prescription label if perscribed.


Send two or three extra outfits each week. Pack each outfit in a labeled and sealed bag so that any soiled or wet clothes can be sent back home in them. Include socks in addition to different weather appropriate clothing. Your child will be spending time both indoors and outdoors, so they will need to be comfortable all day. Also remember to bring portable crib sheets for your child's crib.


You will want to bring 2-3 bibs for each day, both small (for drooling) and large (for meal time). Consider purchasing separate bibs just for your baby's day at Just Kids. They will need about 10-15 each week.


Pack enough bottles for the time your child will be at Just Kids and an extra in the event of an emergency or if you are running late. Each bottle must be labeled with the first and last name of your baby. If you are providing your own formula or breast milk, see below. All bottles per licensing must have a top and the bottle and top MUST be labeled.

Formula & Breast Milk

If you are breast feeding or decide to use formula other than the brand we provide, you will need to make each bottle, label it with your child's full name and date and place in a sealable bag so that is does not leak.


Providing your baby's teacher with pictures of you and your family for their crib or classroom will help your baby feel at home. Having a familiar face to look at while you are at work helps ease the transition into their new environment.